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Kieron Concannon

Kieron Concannon (MA), is a multi-instrumental musician, martial artist, Ethnomusicologist, sound healer, writer, composer and founder of the Irish Harmonic Ensemble. Kieron is also a founder member, and CEO, of one of the UK’s most influential Independent Record labels (FDM Records) and has worked with some of the biggest selling artists on the planet today.He lives at the top of an Irish mountain - and does his best to live an intentional life.

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    I have been facilitating groups and running stakeholder engagement processes for 30 years but the art of hosting provided a new approach to engaging people around their most cherished values and beliefs.

    - Participant, 2015 AOPL Training Athens -

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    Immersive learning and rich, deep connections.

    - Tolulope, Participant, 2017 AOPL Training Athens -

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    This is the best training I have had in the 20 years I have worked in the European Commission.

    - Senior Manager European Commission -


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