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Eirini Vanikioti

Ever since she was young, Eirini was constantly daydreaming. Somewhere amidst the scenarios she kept creating in her mind, she managed to study (B.Sc. in Marketing and M.Sc. in Public Relations and Corporate Communications) and also work in her field of studies in Athens, Greece, followed by New York and London. And then, right when everything was going according to ‘plan,’ Eirini decided to stop creating dreams only in her imagination, and start living them in real life. This led her to a radical change of course in life and career, into a quest of purpose and meaning. She decided to re-educate herself, taking part in programs and trainings such as Warriors Without Weapons, Art of Hosting, Dragon Dreaming, Theatrical Clown, and many others. Her curiosity and inquisitive spirit took her from the forests of Hungary in Dance Therapy workshops, to favelas in Brazil and peace conferences in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In September 2014, she embarked on a 15-month journey to South America, and co-founded Freeing Dreams Institute: the Dream Incubator. Returning to Greece, she became a member of Art of Hosting Athens, applying her observant nature and listening skills into the art of harvesting, and growing her practice in designing and hosting participatory processes. Eirini loves to learn, eat, and pet all sorts of animals (special preference to felines). She has an eye for detail and a calling to the inner worlds and mysteries.

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    I have been facilitating groups and running stakeholder engagement processes for 30 years but the art of hosting provided a new approach to engaging people around their most cherished values and beliefs.

    - Participant, 2015 AOPL Training Athens -

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    Immersive learning and rich, deep connections.

    - Tolulope, Participant, 2017 AOPL Training Athens -

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    This is the best training I have had in the 20 years I have worked in the European Commission.

    - Senior Manager European Commission -


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