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Dimitris Stratakos

Dimitris, is a young Greek who carries a dream for change. This dream comes from what his heart and mind has not been able to bear, having lived the recent economic and migration crisis in his country. Soon, he came to the realisation that trying to offer to others, when you, yourself are struggling for survival, can only be done by working collectively and not individually. Since discovering the Art of Hosting practice in 2015, Dimitris has found his calling and has become an active practitioner, embracing this as his way of living and making a living. He has since worked on several small and large scale projects in Greece and within Europe, co-designing and co-hosting different participatory processes which bring diverse stakeholders together.

Dimitris has a Bachelor Degree in International and European Studies and a Masters in Peace and Development Work. He initially cultivated his facilitation skills through training in Community Mediation and Public Dialogues Facilitation. Dimitris has been volunteering and working since 2008, holding positions in the organisation and coordination of workshops, trainings and conferences on behalf of the Greek and International Civil Society.

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    I have been facilitating groups and running stakeholder engagement processes for 30 years but the art of hosting provided a new approach to engaging people around their most cherished values and beliefs.

    - Participant, 2015 AOPL Training Athens -

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    Immersive learning and rich, deep connections.

    - Tolulope, Participant, 2017 AOPL Training Athens -

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    This is the best training I have had in the 20 years I have worked in the European Commission.

    - Senior Manager European Commission -


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